Here’s another recent design project of ours that is related to the bathroom remodel we recently highlighted. Teens are at that age where they are rapidly transforming into little adults. They need a place of their own to hang out with friends, study, relax, and get LOTS of sleep! The footprint for this bedroom is of good size; however the half wall and multiple doors imposes limits on what can be done in this space. After nine years of green walls, this bedroom was also definitely ready for a facelift.

We started this makeover by cleaning house. Items were purged for sure. Clothing outgrown or no longer worn was donated or gifted to charity and friends. The former hand-me-down bedroom furniture set was sold and proceeds were put towards our decorating budget. Other toys and clutter were also purged for a fresh new start.

Next we painted the room Sherwin Williams Incredible White (which is actually a very light gray) and new carpeting was installed, Cosmopolitan in “Linen” color scheme. We kept the white IKEA cube bookshelf but went vertical with it this time instead of horizontal. New cube basket inserts were purchased to create additional storage. We decided to keep the desk since it was the right color for the new space and was still is highly functional. Lastly we ordered a new platform bed and head board, dresser, and matching nightstand. Once all pieces arrived we changed the furniture layout of this bedroom for a whole new design and function. A last minute purchase was a wooden bench at the room’s entrance where the desk used to be located. This bench has been a great drop zone for backpacks, laundry, etc. Before and after photos of this project are featured below:

Girl Bedroom before Teen Bedroom

Teen Suite After Renovation

Study Niche at room entrance before renovation

Drop Zone Bench After Renovation

Study Area relocated after renovation